Analysis of the Maintenance and Preservation of Library Materials in the Library of the Faculty of Medicine, Pasundan University


  • Febrina Rizkia Putri Universitas Islam Nusantara
  • Oom Nurrohmah Universitas Islam Nusantara
  • Rosiana Nurwa Indah Universitas Islam Nusantara
  • Miftahunnisa Igiriza Universitas Teerbuka


preservation, Maintenance, collection, Pasundan University Faculty of Medicine library


Libraries at Pasundan University have a crucial role in providing access to and maintenance of library materials for the academic community. Maintenance and preservation of library materials is an important aspect in maintaining the quality and continuity of library collections. This paper aims to analyze the practice of maintaining and preserving library materials at the Pasundan University Library, focusing on the strategies used and the challenges faced. In this paper, the method of analysis is carried out through case studies involving observation, interviews with librarians, and analysis of documents related to maintenance. and preservation of library materials at the Pasundan University Library. The results of the analysis show that the Pasundan University Library has adopted several important strategies in the maintenance and preservation of library materials. This strategy includes appropriate environmental arrangements to prevent physical damage to library materials, accurate cataloging and identification to facilitate search, careful handling to prevent damage during use, as well as a program for restoration and repair of damaged or threatened library materials. facing these challenges, the Pasundan University Library needs to strengthen cooperation with various related parties, including the university, librarians, and other stakeholders. Apart from that, increasing the budget, training librarians, and updating the infrastructure are also important steps to improve the maintenance and preservation of library materials in the university's library.