Isytiqaq Ibnu Jinni Dalam Berita Online الموت رحمة ونعمة Dalam Opini Muhammad Daodia


  • Surya Rizki Putra Universitas Islam Negeri Raden Fatah Palembang
  • Ulil Albab Universitas Islam Negeri Raden Fatah Palembang


Isytiqaq, Ad-Dustur, Ibnu Jinni


The article entitled "Ibnu Jinni's Isytiqaq in Islamic Online News"الموت رحمة ونعمة will present the forms of isytiqaq. Seeing the widespread news about deaths and the many news about suicides that occur nowadays, one of which is news about a Semarang student who ended her life, this research was carried out by taking an opinion entitled الموت رحمة ونعمة. By using a qualitative approach, taking data from ad-Dustur news reports as the object, which will then be researched using Arabic linguistic theory, which in this case will use Ibn Jinni's views in his opinion about isytiqaq. So this research will present the forms of istiqaq or derivations and their meanings, which Ibnu Jinni has divided into two parts, namely isytiqaq shagir and isytiqaq kabir. As several results have been found, such as the following form of isytiqaq shagir: the word مكروح which is the isim maf'ul form of the word كرح which means hate, then undergoes a change in form by splitting the word into مكروح which means something that is hated. And the form of istiqaq kabir is as follows: in the words علم and عمل which have the same original letters but different wording, the meaning is related, namely that one will gain knowledge when someone does a job.