Tradisi Pengobatan Menta Gumeng Pada Masyarakat Kerinci; Studi Analisis Kajian Budaya Dan Etnokimia


  • Ravico IAIN Kerinci
  • Anggi Desviana Siregar IAIN Kerinci
  • Fatnan Asbupel IAIN Kerinci


Societ, Medicine, Disease, Tradition


The menta gumeng tradition is a tradition of the Kerinci people which is used to treat diseases that befall the Kerinci people. The menta gumeng ritual is a disease treatment that is carried out if one of the Kerinci people experiences an incurable illness which is believed to be caused by a warning from ninek (ancestors) who cannot be cured by medicine. The aim of this research is to describe cultural studies and chemical approaches as well as the existence of menta gumeng treatment in the Kerinci community. The method used in this research is a qualitative method with an ethnographic approach. The results of this research show that the form of menta gumeng treatment is carried out using several media such as water, incense, betel leaves and leaves obtained from the environment. The existence of the menta gumeng tradition has a survival aspect, namely the solidarity function and religious function which are the determining factors for its survival. The endangered aspect is the existence of a modern medical system which causes changes in people's thinking patterns.