When Tolerance Term Goes Viral: Critical Discourse Analysis Towards Kristen Muhammadiyah or Krismuha (Christian Muhammadiyah) Term in


  • Maulida


Kristen Muhammadiyah, religious tolerance term, Twitter, CDA


This study aims to analyze the use of term “Kristen Muhammadiyah” (a sociological variant that describes Christians or Catholics who sympathize and have an affinity with Muhammadiyah) on the Twitter platform, using Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) approach. This research aims to understand how religious tolerance term of Kristen Muhammadiyah is contested in the context of online conversations and examine the dynamics of power, representation, and social construction associated with the use of the term. The data used in this study is a series of tweets related to Kristen Muhammadiyah or Krismuha as religious tolerance term taken from Twitter in late May to early June 2023. Using critical discourse, this research is expected to reveal hidden and biases views and understand how social representations are formed in the context of religious tolerance discussions on Twitter. This research has important relevance in understanding social dynamics and conflicts related to religion in today's digital era. The results uncover three primary rhetorical approaches employed in the tweets to shape the Krismuha as a term aimed at challenging tolerance discourse and advocating for tolerance atmosphere practiced by Muhammadiyah. The results narrowed down to 3 types of readings based on Stuart Hall's (1973) audience reception theory

(1) for oppositional reader of the term, people responding to Krismuha as part of fear and suspicion of certain thought, which then led to intolerant or prejudice tendency (2) for negotiated and oppositional reader, user understanding to Krismuha term can be classified as agentic social media user and more tolerant towards the term.