Digital Library’s IAIN Curup Sebagai Bentuk Transformasi Layanan di Era Pandemi Covid 19


  • Rhoni Rodin Institut Agama Islam Negeri Curup, Rejang Lebong, Bengkulu
  • Cut Afrina Universitas Islam Negeri Mahmud Yunus Batusangkar
  • Lusi Puspasari Institut Agama Islam Negeri Curup, Rejang Lebong, Bengkulu



Digital library’s IAIN Curup, , services transformation, covid 19 pandemic era.


The purpose of this research is to evaluate utilization of the IAIN Curup Digital Library as a form of service transformation in the the industrial revolution 4.0 era, in this case will be analyzed and evaluated how the utilization and constraints for users. The design of this research is descriptive qualitative, and informants in this study are members who have and have been registered in the application, data collection techniques using surveys, interviews and documentation. Whereas data analysis using qualitative descriptive techniques. The results of the study indicate that 1). There are still many students who have not used this application, it can be seen from the number of registered members that so far there are 272, even though the number of IAIN Curup students reaches 3000 students. 2) The existing digital collections have not been able to meet the information needs of students, because there are still students in certain study programs who do not get collections related to the courses at the study program. 3) there needs to be efforts to increase the dissemination and promotion of these digital services going forward. Therefore, the leadership's policy going forward is 1) increasing promotion and socialization of digital libraries both through user education and information literacy. 2). An increasing number of collections, especially collections related to courses in each study program. So thus the IAIN Curup digital library can support services in the pandemic era.