Kitab Jawi (The Book Of Jawi )And Its Contribution To Islamic Studies In Palembang


  • Bety Universitas Islam Negeri Raden Fatah Palembang



Kitab Jawi, Contribution, Islamic Studies


Kitab Jawi is still a source of learning, and reference material in Islamic studies both in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. The Kitab Jawi is currently still used as a source in teaching Islam, especially in Palembang. The Jawi books that are still used in several Majlis in Palembang include the Kitab Sairus Sālikin, the Hidayatussalikin book by Sheikh Abdus Shamad Al-Palimbani, the Bidayatul Ilmiah book by Muhammad Azhari Al palimbani and the Perukunan book by Sheikh Jamaluddin Al-Banjari and Sheikh Fatimah Al-Banjari. Some of the contributions of kitab jawi in the study of Islam in Palembang are giving birth to Ulama-Ulama in Palembang, confirming and strengthening the Nusantara Islamic Network, maintaining civilization and historical evidence, being an example of scientific tradition in Islam, and becoming a reference for Islamic studies in Palembang.