Historical Approach In Islamic Studies


  • Fahmi Rizal Mahendra State Islamic University of Sunan Ampel Surabaya


approach historical approach, studi Islamic studies, historiography, sejarah intellectual history, sejarah Regional History


This article ini will explain the pendekatan historical approach in studiIslamic studies. First, this article ini outlines some opinions about the urgency and opinions of figures or historians about the study of history in studiIslamic studies. Diantara tokoh-tokoh tersebut adalah: Azyumardi Azra, Nouruzzaman Shiddiqi dan Syafiq Mughni. Then it will dijelaskanalso be explained about metode penelitian historical research methods as a way or step in penelitian studiIslamic Studies Research. The metode historical method consists of four steps; heuristics, verification, analysis and historiography. Selain It is also given an explanation of Islam or objects of the Islamic religion that can be used as an object penelitian of historical research. And in bagian the last section will be presented examples and methods of pendekatan the historical approach in studiIslamic Studies in a simple, namely sejarah sosial intellectual social history and sejarah regional history. This article is the first step awaland at the same time an introduction to the pendekatan historical approach in studiIslamic studies. Pendekatan The historical approach is vital in penelitian the study of Islamic studies. Basically approach, the historical approach can also be combined with pendekatan-pendekatan other approaches, such as sociology, ethnography and anthropology.