Renewable Knowledge And Sustainable Community Of Information in digital era


  • Agus Pamuji Institut Agama Islam Negeri Syekh Nurjati Cirebon
  • Rina Rindanah Institut Agama Islam Negeri Syekh Nurjati Cirebon
  • Eha Julaeha Institut Agama Islam Negeri Syekh Nurjati Cirebon


knowledge, renewable knowledge, public data, community development .


In this work, the given information on interpretation of the possible turning point about knowledge, it would considered from basic to continual gathering of data, addressing in knowledge for assets as renewable knowledge. Arrange of knowledge was not confused through a paper that achieved according to sundry peoples in community, essence of its transformation, preserving on sustainable charitbale development. The provided a scoping review of the some literature have been denoted which aimed to explain both the value and relevance of the renewable knowledge in spite of the socio-technical trend issue involving to technology. There are existing literature in this work related to a paper which had been evaluated not only to extract knowledge societal development but also business enforcement and further increasing of smart in systems. Moreover, our invention can generate a primary motivation to frame a knowledge for public dataset to help in the output of renewable knowledge. Furthermore, because the implementation and adoption both technology and automation artifacts, the several capacity were incorporated by human being stager in order to invent new knowledge in the form of information. In addition, data exchange, management, sharing information of general data are key function of the transformation of communities, and the growth of humanity beside emerging of competitiveness.